Tunjukkan catatan dari November, 2009

Raya Haji Preparation

This was a little late entry by me.. Still in movie watching mode after bought 2012 last week. So for the upcoming Raya Haji, we go to KIPmart to buy chicken and what so ever we need for the Raya. After all the thing are bought, Iqa asked if we can buy her Disney Princess bag there. So, we wander through KIPmart, that suddenly all the shop are open; and luckily; we found the bag.. Yayy.. And than another thing coming from Inaz; nak CD Tom and Jerry.. What so ever, just buy it and then all of the sudden I'm trapped in this Movie watching madness.. I bought 2012.. and until now, I still watching movie one after another.. Pleasee.. I'm trapped... ps : I just finished 3 movie this morning, Up, Pink Panther 2 and Nacho Libre... but I'm downloading two more movie just now Surrogates and Land of the lost... Heeelllppp!!!

Iqa's Present Hunt part 1

As promised, now it;s time for Iqa to have what she want as she got the award. So, this evening all of us had a day out; just to hunt for Iqa's present. First, we go to Giant U Mall; to look for scooter and her Disney Princess bag. None of them are there; so we go to Jusco Taman Universiti. As we enter the Jusco; the first thing we saw was; J-card this upcoming Wednesday. Waaa.. we should not buy anything today. Wait for another 2 days. And for sure Iqa was upset. One; for there was neither one of her present; was there, two; we didn't even what to buy anything there. So she ask for the next thing in her list. Eat in the KFC. OK. So, we eat there. As we got out for Jusco; Iqa and Inaz eagerly ask for them to play at Hutan Bandar MPJBT. So we did. So many people there. Not like 3 years before. They play every thing they saw. And they walk every lane they see. So tired today. And the hunt will continue...

Program Penggalakan Sains dan Teknologi Sekolah Menengah peringkat Kebangsaan 2009

At last, the most challenging task given to me has completed. First to make this video presentation in a tiny-miny time. About some hours, editing and rendering to to the perfectness. Even when the other presenter, presenting their performance; me, still looking at the time as the video are still in rendering mode. Why??? Coz i'm rendering it in HD quality. Secondly, the burning sensation. As the participant enjoying the show, their entuaism are building high to take one copy each. So the second challenging task for us is to burn for about almost a hundreds copy DVD for the participant. The best part is no DVD tower, just 3 laptop with burner. Waaa... we dont sleep lo in the last day. And lastly, the most irritating experience with Streamyx, as it was in a very bad condition in past two days. I almost uploading this video for almost 20 times. And at last I convert it into almost every types of video, and the last was a successfull with the sizes only at 97mb. So small aa.. at l

Nuri Nusa Perintis' Farewell Day

Last night, Iqa had a special occasion arranged by her teacher at Nuri. She will be also presenting her reading skill in front of the crowd. As I going back to fetch her sister, Inaz; eventually Iqa has done doing her reading. But the rest of the night was superb. The kids really enjoying themselves.


Labuan. An island near Sabah. I captured its pictures and shared in this entry. Most of the shop doesn't accept plastic money ie credit card, so please make sure you have to had enough money to spend there. If not, be like me, just enjoy strolling around just snapping picture, with my mouth drooling. Hate this month; to much outstation without enough money...

Iqa's Graduation

Due tohad to attend the graduation ceremony, I had miss a lot of thing happened there; at Kota Jaya. As teacher Tini hand me the slip, trophies and what so ever; I really enjoyed seing Iqa's picture in her graduation attire. I scan all the accesories and put it here. Enjoice...

Perkhemahan Kokurikulum SKTTA 2009 - reupload

Due to the failure 18 hours video uploading on youtube the other day, I somehow manage to re-oploading it again, but in a slide presentation. Hope you'll enjoy it.

Verifikasi Data DOS SBP - SQL

Placed at Manikar Hotel, Labuan from 15 to 17 November 2009.

Labuan - The Journey

We just arrive in time at the KLIA, had a simple meal at KFC; just a simple one as we will eat again in the plane. It took about 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to the Labuan Airport. I really really felt to tired and boring in the plane as we just sit there for 2 hours doing nothing; without music or anything. As we arrive, 3 representative are there waiting for us; there; from SMS Labuan, old friends of Pak Lah and old friend of mine; Kasbah. And of course I go for Kasbah. Had a stroll in Labuan with Kasbah for a while and then we check in at Manikar. Kasbah then borrowed his car; a Honda Civic 1.7; for us to enjoy our stay at Labuan. We just go put to eat that evening; without knowing where to go. Just follow the road where it lead us to..

Victoria Station

After a sad eating experience we had at Secret Recipe and brought Asri's new game, Mak Yang suggested we took our dinner at Victoria Station. The place were so called Steak's Heavens and so it is. We really enjoy our meal here, and after I finished my meal; I suddenly realized that I really really really do it again.. I ate a lot of beef that night. And I really really had a bad headache tomorrow morning..

Secret Recipe Bukit Bntang

We went to Low Yat plaza to buy the newest game on title Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2. As the rain continues to pour heavily, we just sat down at Secret Recipe Bukit Bintang, in a building facing Berjaya Time Square. The services there are totally out. Slow but not steady.. Maybe it'll be the last we drop there to take a snack.

Saujana Impian Road Accident

Saujana Impian Road Accident between a trailer and an Avanza. The trailer slipped on the slippery road and crash into an Avanza drive by-side.

Verifikasi Data DOS SBP

Verifikasi Data DOS SBP Place : Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Lawatan Sambil Belajar SKTTA 2009 - Day 3

Lawatan Sambil Belajar SKTTA 2009 - Day 3 Place of interest - Taman Rama-Rama, Eye on Malaysia, Masjid Selat Melaka, Bandar Hilir, had our meal at KFC Mahkota Parade. End of the programme.

Lawatan Sambil Belajar SKTTA 2009 - Day 2

Lawatan Sambil Belajar SKTTA 2009 - Day 2 Place of interest - Pusat Sains Negara, Muzium Negara, had our lunch here, Tugu Negara, then off we go Ayer Molek, Melaka and had our dinner there. Sleep at MITC Hotel, Melaka. End of day 2.

Lawatan Sambil Belajar SKTTA 2009 - Day 1

Lawatan Sambil Belajar SKTTA 2009 - Day 1 Place of interest - going to Petrosains, KLCC. Had our meal at Kampung Baru later on. And sleep at International Youth Centre. End of day 1.

Perkhemahan Kokurikulum SKTTA 2009

A bit late on this video. Took about 18 hours just to upload via Youtube. It's a 10 minutes in HD video and the size is about 1.36Gb.

SKTTA's 2009 Sport Day

A really-really backdated video on SKTTA's sport day 2009. Enjoice.. The best part is, its raining cats and dogs on the occasion.


SK Taman Tun Aminah badge in 3D.

Jamuan Akhir Tahun Pengawas 2009

This event taking place at our school canteen. Both the school's prefect and librarian were celebrated in this occasion.

Taklimat GSST 8/2009 Johor

One of the backdated event. Placed at Dewan SMK Mohd Khalid on 26 October.

A small SSK '95-00 reunion

Placed at Skudai last Saturday, a small reunion involving me, Bain and Che Li were held. This not in the schedule function was reaally awesome. We were apart for nearly 10 years and what you can imagine when this oldies get together. Eventhough I had to finish the system for the SBP, I really find this small reunion much-much more enjoyable.. And the best part is, I was drag to work until 3 am. Hahaha.. The face of Che Li.. And I really hate when he call me budak gemuk. You also gemuk maa... And the winner for the most gemuk among us is non other than ... Bain

Tutorial - Wordpress | Registration & Template

WORDPRESS Pendaftaran & Template Tutorial by : mknace | Pix credited to : Warning This tutorial are fully written in Malay for the Malaysian user.

Evil Bear | The Video

Still remember this? I found back this video when I managing my old file. Quite a nostalgia. This video were made by Flash, compile using iMovie during the video competition in Rompin back 2006. Eventhough they are not announcing the winner, we got a lot of compliment for this.