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mknace unlimited™|The Colours of Life

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mknace unlimited™|The Colours of Life

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mknace unlimited™|The Colours of Life

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mknace unlimited™|The Colours of Life

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Memaparkan catatan dengan label pool. Papar semua catatan

Jumaat, 12 Jun 2015

Conquering the pool @Hotel Classic, Muar

Conquering the pool @Hotel Classic, Muar. Tak sabar kebudaks nunggu aku habis kije. Agak lewat jugak tiba semula ke Muar. Sampai aje semua dah tak sabar. Hai.. Lam bilik pun ada tub ler. Tu yang mama dia kata dah 5 round sampai dah boring lam tub. Kekeke. Turun. Ngan kolam budak, ngan kolam dewasa. Semua pakat mandi. Layan aje ler...

Ahad, 19 Mei 2013

Edisi lama : Jengjalan Melaka Day 2

Edisi lama : Jengjalan Melaka Day 2. Setel bab hari 1 yang penuh dengan gembel gembelan. Masuk la pulak hari kedua. Hari ni belasah dulu mandi puas puas kat pool sampai kecut. Dah puas hati kat situ baru la sibuk nak meronda melaka or what-so-ever. Jom kita...

Edisi lama : Jengjalan Melaka Day 1

Edisi lama : Jengjalan Melaka Day 1. Hah... ni lagi satu... laaaaaaammmaaa jugak. Sampai yang pengantin yang baru pun dah jadi lama. 24 Mac lepas kami pakat pi melaka. nak pi kenduri adik penguin sorang ni. Punya la best, sampai sesat dan banyak benda tak jangka jadi. memula kes salah rumah. pastu kes gamble nak tidur resort. hehehe... memang best la cuti kali tu.

Ahad, 31 Mac 2013

A night at Grand Crystal Hotel, Alor Setar

A night at Grand Crystal Hotel, Alor Setar. Pilih hotel ni sebab ada pool. Tapi pool dia tak sesuai untuk kebudak tanpa pengawasan. Takkan aku nak berendam ngan kebudak ni aje. Dan langsung tak berendam pun, pasal aku sibuk di SMK Hutan Kampung untuk himpunan guru muda 1 malaysia. Last last lepak lam tub ajer la. Lepas tub, ziqri ngan ultraman dia ler, inaz dan iqa ngan study dia. OK.

Jumaat, 18 Disember 2009

Prime City Hotel, Kluang | Day 4 - the movie mania

This is the last day for us in Kluang, at least for the first session. After we took our breakfast, we pack our thing; and checkout from the hotel. As I checked on the MBO online, they had an earlier show on the princess and the frog at 11:45am; so I really want to catch that showtime.

As we go inside the Kluang Mall, I feel blurred as I search for the MBO. Is it possible the MBO are located in this building. There no sign where it's located. Just follow my instinct. Where the MBO? I go up to the fifth floor as all the movie teather located at the highest floor. As we reach the third floor, blank again. There's no shop opened. Forth floor are all the parking lots. Only on the fifth floor the MBO poster are shown. What a relief..

Then, after the buying ticket and popcorn, we entered the 5th teather. Only 11 people there including ourselves. Wowww.. the teather is our again.. The story are so cooooolll.. A must see movie.. After that just wandering around Kluang town and before we reach home, take a rest and a little shopping aroung Air Hitam..

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Ahad, 13 Disember 2009

Prime City Hotel, Kluang | Day 3 - the pools are still ours!!! and a little sightseeing

Another day for us to conquer the pool. Yeaahaaaa!!! Two day in a row, we conquered Prime City swimming pool. Twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. But today I walk through Kluang town personally, walking; not in a car or something. A few snap and off to the Medan Selera to tapau the breakfast.

And as all the people says that Kluang Railway Coffee is the best coffee in town. So, I be there; again, to clarify; again. As I would say, that; if you are not familiar with coffee.. please, please, please order coffee with milk. For me.. it's just a plain coffee but quite nice..

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Prime City Hotel, Kluang | Day 2 - the pools are ours!!!

Not much done today. Iqa done her homework as early as she woke up. As her promise if we brought her to this hotel. After had a simple breakfast at the coffe house, I drove to the mama's working places; a school nearby. Then I go to the Medan Selera and buy some mee and nasi lemak for the children, not to forget their favourite drink; lime juice with a lot of ice in it.

After they had their meal in the room, Iqa, and Inaz immediately change their outfit into the swimming attire. We rush down to the pool and desperately annoyed as the main door to the pool are still locked shut. So, I go into the receptionist and asked him to opened the door. He quickly asked the guard to open it for us. Yeayyy!!! And the pool are all our to use.. Yipppeeeee...

At 5, we go to the school to fetch mama and on the way back as always, go to the Medan Selara again to buy the supper. But, the thing is; this Kluang's food are really, really spicy.. So.. hoootttt...

Taken while preparing the car, merge from 16 pictures.

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