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mknace unlimited™|The Colours of Life

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mknace unlimited™|The Colours of Life

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mknace unlimited™|The Colours of Life

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Memaparkan catatan dengan label Empower Education!. Papar semua catatan
Memaparkan catatan dengan label Empower Education!. Papar semua catatan

Selasa, 4 Oktober 2016

#gojes2.016 : Empower Education!

#gojes2.016 : Empower Education! Tadi sambil lepak lepak santai terbaca pasal benda ni. Barang baik ni terutama bagi cikgu-cikgu yang nak skill baharu terutama dalam penggunaan teknologi dalam aktiviti PdPnya. Barang baik kena la share sama kan. Sapa mau daftar leh gi url berikut :

Kena cepat pasal seat limited. Chaiyokk!!!

A bit pasal benda ni. Actually korang akan dapat baca benda yang sama kalau dah gi url tu. Hehehe.

Inspired for change?

Back in 2015, we pulled one of the biggest initiative for a state-wide education and education technology event by educators for educators, eager to delve deeper into education technology, attracting communities of teachers from all across Johore!

This year, it is time to Empower Education! We are bringing back GEG of JOHOR EDUCATION SUMMIT and doubling everything awesome! Join us for a two-day seminar of amazing learning experiences featuring inspiring keynotes, hands-on workshops, qna sessions, demo slams and deep dive sessions for passionate educators who wants to stay ahead with education technology and Google Apps for Education!  And best of all, everything is FREE OF CHARGE!

Our Speakers and Facilitators

At Google Educator Groups, one of our unique policies is always "From educators, by educators, for educators". Our speakers and facilitators are from a line-up of education enthusiasts consisting of teachers, education technology practitioners, students' welfare senior assistant and many more. With that, we know the challenges teachers face every day and we are eager to share exactly what may be the exact solution you are looking for to better your school and teaching practices. To learn more about our speaker line-up, click on each of the pictures below. Or if you are interested to be part of our speaker line-up, let us know here!

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